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Fire Protection Services in Roanoke, Virginia

Fire Protection Services in Roanoke, Virginia

Fire is a constant threat to businesses throughout the Roanoke area, but with the proper equipment and support, you can minimize the risk. At Unifour Fire & Safety, we have been providing Roanoke businesses with complete fire protection services since 1984, including system design, installation, maintenance, and inspections. We serve industrial commercial and industrial facilities of all types, from restaurants and retail stores to large office buildings and industrial centers. Our experienced personnel can help with all your fire protection needs, and we feature some of the most innovative, effective fire safety products on the market.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems in Roanoke

How fast can the local authorities respond to an emergency? Every minute counts during a fire, and the losses can add up quickly. A sprinkler system provides 24-hour protection for your facility, and according to the NFPA, damages in buildings with sprinkler systems are often 60% lower than those without them.

At Unifour, we offer numerous sprinkler system services, including:

  • Fire sprinkler design
  • Fire sprinkler installation
  • Fire sprinkler inspection
  • Fire sprinkler repair & maintenance

Fire sprinkler systems are a cost-effective way to limit damage to your building and its contents during a fire. Contact us today to learn more about our available solutions.

Fire Extinguisher Services

Well-placed fire extinguishers are a simple, low-cost safety measure that could save thousands in damages if a fire is discovered and contained early enough. To work effectively, they must be properly located, charged, and maintained.

We offer comprehensive fire extinguisher services in Roanoke that include:

  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Fire extinguisher sales
  • Fire extinguisher recharge
  • Fire extinguisher repairs & testing
  • Fire extinguisher replacement

Make sure your building is protected—contact our team today for fire extinguisher sales and service in Roanoke!

Fire Alarms in Roanoke

Fires can spread rapidly, and without an adequate warning system, more people than necessary could be caught in its path. A properly installed and maintained fire alarm provides fast, effective way to notify the building’s occupants of an emergency, enabling them to evacuate in a safe, orderly fashion. A functioning fire alarm can save lives, and by working with our specialists, you can make sure it is ready to perform when needed.

Our fire alarm services for Roanoke businesses include:

  • Fire alarm system installation
  • Fire alarm system maintenance
  • Fire alarm system inspection & testing

Don’t let your fire alarm system let you down in an emergency—give Unifour a call at 866-511-5540 to schedule fire alarm services in Roanoke or the surrounding areas.

Emergency Lighting in Virginia

Fires and other emergencies often lead to power losses, making it difficult to navigate in commercial facilities like restaurants, office buildings, and theaters that lack natural light. Emergency lighting is a necessary and important part of any fire safety solution, providing battery-powered illumination for safe, effective evacuations during power outages. At least 90 minutes of operational time is recommended for emergency lighting systems, and if your fixtures do not last that long, it may be time for repairs or replacements. Our experts can help.

At Unifour, we offer:

  • Emergency lighting installation
  • Emergency lighting inspection
  • Emergency lighting repair

Contact us today for emergency lighting repairs or installations!

Schedule Fire Protection Services in Roanoke, VA

A comprehensive fire protection system is cost-effective security for your building, employees, and customers. As a one-stop shop for all your fire protection needs, you can count on our team at Unifour Fire & Safety for the stellar services and support that your business deserves.

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