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Fire Pump Installation & Design in the Southeast

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Functional fire sprinklers are vital for protecting your facility from fire damage. Of course, no sprinkler system is complete without a fire pump. If you’re constructing a new building in the Southeast or renovating your existing property, be sure to arrange fire pump installation and design services to provide your building with adequate fire protection.

Don’t wait until a fire emergency strikes to think about your building’s fire protection needs! Call Unifour Fire & Safety today at 866-511-5540 for fire pump design and installation on the premises of your building.

What Does a Fire Pump Do?

A fire pump is an electric-, diesel-, or steam-driven component that ensures each sprinkler head receives enough water to extinguish a fast-growing blaze. When high heat activates a sprinkler head, it opens and releases water onto the fire below, often working so effectively that it puts out the blaze completely before firefighters arrive. Of course, for this to happen in your building, your sprinkler system needs a fire pump to detect any dips in water pressure.

When the flow rate falls below a certain threshold, the fire pump powers on automatically to bring the pressure back up and help your sprinkler system battle the fire more effectively. Water pressure is most often a problem in high-rises, large buildings, and structures with ground-level water tanks. These types of properties need fire pumps the most.

For fire pump installation in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Virginia, contact Unifour Fire & Safety today!

Fire Pump Design

The type and size of fire pump you need both depend on your building’s square footage and fire hazards. Our design process ensures a good match for your fire protection needs.

Sizing a Fire Pump

The water pressure a fire pump produces is measured in gallons per minute, or gpm. To calculate the pressure your building requires, you can use one of two methods:

  • Standpipe method: Similar to a fire hydrant, a standpipe is a piece of plumbing that emergency personnel can tap into for greater firefighting power. NFPA 14 (Standard for the Installation of Standpipes and Hose Systems) governs this fire pump sizing method. The standard requires a fire pump to deliver 500 gpm to your building’s first standpipe and 250 gpm to each additional standpipe up to a maximum of 1,000 gpm. This sizing method is ideal for smaller buildings requiring only a few standpipes.
  • Sprinkler area calculations: This fire pump sizing method is much more complex, but it’s the best option for larger buildings. The method takes fire hazard classifications into account to determine sprinkler density and the corresponding water pressure needed to extinguish a fire. You can rely on Unifour Fire & Safety to help you with these calculations.

For fire pump sizing and installation, call Unifour Fire & Safety today at 866-511-5540!

Selecting the Right Fire Pump

The next step in the fire pump design process is to determine which type of pump is most appropriate for your building. You have three options:

  • Horizontal split-case fire pumps: Also called double-suction fire pumps, these are the most common type of pumps installed today. They come rated for 250 gpm to 5,000 gpm.
  • Inline fire pumps: You might choose this option if you’re looking for a more compact, space-saving design and lower installation cost.
  • Vertical turbine fire pumps: NFPA standards require positive suction pressure, so this is only an option if your water supply is below the suction flange.

Need help selecting the right fire pump for your commercial building in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Virginia? Contact Unifour Fire & Safety today!

Fire Pump Installation in the Southeast

After Unifour Fire & Safety helps you size and select the right fire pump for your building, the final step is to perform a code-compliant installation. With over three decades of experience installing fire pumps for businesses in the Southeast, we can certainly handle this process for you. The finished product provides you with peace of mind, knowing your building is adequately protected if an unexpected fire occurs.

For a quote on a fire pump system for your building in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, or Virginia, call us today at 866-511-5540.

Call to Schedule Fire Pump Design & Installation Services

Keep your building’s sprinkler system working effectively with the help of a fire pump. The Unifour Fire & Safety team will help design and install the best fire pump for your building’s needs.

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