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Fire Protection Services in Hickory, North Carolina

Fire Protection Services in Hickory, North Carolina

If a fire started in your Hickory business, would you and your clients be safe? Fires can happen at any time, on any day, and with little to no warning. How do you protect your employees and business from danger? By working with the fire protection service specialists at Unifour Fire & Safety! For over three decades our professionals have been helping restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, and more stay safe in the face of fire. We’re your single source for complete solutions and sure service in the Catawba County area!

For complete fire protection and alert services in the Northeast, trust Unifour Fire & Safety. Contact our specialists now online!

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Hickory

According to the NFPA, buildings equipped with sprinkler systems can incur more than 60% less damage from a fire. Sprinkler systems are the only fire protection that works around the clock, whether you’re around or not. They’re ideal for mitigating damages associated with a fire, and even better, are effective at stopping smaller flames in their tracks.

Our team can help you build a comprehensive solution from the ground up, starting with an effective and well-maintained sprinkler system. You can trust us for all of your sprinkler needs, including:

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Fire Extinguisher Services in North Carolina

Encountering a fire in your business means you either need to stop it right now, or you need to get away as safely as possible. Having working and charged extinguishers in your business offers a prime defense against becoming trapped, and can mean the difference between a fatality or a safe evacuation.

Our Hickory area fire protection specialists can keep your business equipped with top-class extinguisher systems. Trust us for:

Fire Alarms in Hickory

In many—if not most—cases, fires tend to be quiet until it is far too late for complete safety. Time is your most vital resource, meaning a detection and alarm system can be a priceless part of saving lives. Our specialists can design and install alarms that give your business full coverage, letting tenants, clients, and employees have the best chance possible of escaping to safety.

We provide top to bottom fire alarm services to Hickory and Catawba County clients, including:

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Emergency Lighting in North Carolina

Often, one of the biggest dangers during a fire is not actually the fire itself. In many cases, panic and chaos are just as deadly, and nothing will make people panic more than being plunged into complete dark during an emergency. Your lighting systems are about much more than providing a sure step—they’re about saving lives. And our team can help you ensure your lights provide full coverage.

If you need emergency lighting solutions in Hickory, NC, we’re here to help. Reach out to our specialists for:

Our experts can make certain your clients and employees have a safe path during an evacuation. Contact us online to discuss your lighting needs!

Call Unifour Fire & Safety for Fire Protection in Hickory, NC

We’ve been keeping Hickory businesses safe and secure against sudden fires since 1984. Whether you need new systems designed or are simply looking for a team capable of complete maintenance and inspection services, we’re the go-to fire experts in North Carolina. For complete fire services for restaurants, offices, industrial businesses, and more, trust the team at Unifour!

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