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Bessingers Backflow Service

Bessingers Backflow Service

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A Division of Unifour Fire & Safety in Charleston, SC

Unifour Fire & Safety bought Bessingers Backflow Service at the end of 2018. Bessingers Backflow Service is a backflow company servicing the Charleston, South Carolina area.

For professional backflow services in the Charleston, SC area, contact us online or call our team at Unifour Fire & Safety at 866-511-5540.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is the unwanted reversal of flow of a liquid, gas, or suspended solid into the filtered water supply; a backflow preventer is used to keep this from happening. Backflow can be a serious health risk if not handled properly.

Bessingers Backflow Service uses backflow prevention devices to keep the unwanted flow from compromising clean water.

If you are experiencing backflow in the Charleston area, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Unifour Fire & Safety by calling 866-511-5540 or connecting with us online.

More About Bessingers Backflow Service in Charleston, SC

Bessingers Backflow Service is a division of Unifour Fire & Safety that was acquired in December 2018. Bessingers is a backflow company in Charleston, SC that services both residential and commercial properties.

For trusted backflow prevention services in Charleston SC, look no further than Bessingers – contact Unifour Fire & Safety online or call us at 866-511-5540 today to get started.

Bessenger Backflow Services Offered in Charleston, SC

Backflow can pose serious health risks by causing clean water to become contaminated by water that is not properly directed away from your property. This is why backflow prevention is essential, and it’s why we offer expert backflow services in the Charleston, SC area, including:

  • Backflow Installation: Our experts utilize industry-leading technology and techniques to locate and install backflow preventers, keeping your water supply safe and chemical-free.
  • Backflow Prevention: Through the use of a backflow prevention device, contaminated water is prevented from flowing back into your clean water supply.
  • Backflow Inspection: Our team will thoroughly inspect your valves to ensure they are working properly. We will keep your property in compliance with all annual inspections required by your local municipal codes.

If your facility is in need of backflow services or would like to discuss your prevention & inspection needs, contact us online or give us a call at 866-511-5540 today!