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Emergency & Exit Lighting

Emergency & Exit Lighting Replacement in the Southeast

Every building requires emergency lighting. Whether it is an office, a church, a school, or other structure where people spend time, proper emergency illumination must be in place. The role of emergency lighting is to provide secondary illumination in the event that the power supply to the building’s main lighting is interrupted. Such backup lighting enables people to exit the building as safely and quickly as possible.

Our highly trained team can help you replace and maintain safe emergency lighting in your commercial property in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. Contact Unifour Fire & Safety or call us at 866-511-5540 today for emergency lighting replacement in the Southeast!

Emergency & Exit lighting

Emergency Lighting Design

Imagine a scenario in which a harsh storm cuts out the power to an office building. The office manager determines that power will not be restored in a timely fashion and allows workers to go home. There would not be a safe and efficient means of exiting the building if properly designed emergency lighting was not in place. The unfortunate truth is that emergency lighting systems are not created equal.

Properly designed emergency lighting adheres to building codes and provides ample illumination to allow for a swift exit in the event of a power outage. An acceptable design will require the strategic positioning of lighting fixtures to guarantee that the illumination and contrast maximum levels are not exceeded. The design of this lighting also involves the use of an optimal power system to ensure that emergency lighting is bright and long-lasting.

Emergency lighting design is rooted in proper illuminance. This term refers to the level of luminous flux in a unit area. In the context of emergency lighting, illuminance quality is often gauged by the amount of light that spreads along the floor level path of egress. This is not to say that overhead illumination is not important. Such vertical, wide lighting is also helpful along with wall-mounted fixtures that disperse horizontal light. Such illumination is mandated along pathways that lead to exits, aisles, exit stairs, ramps, corridors, and even exit discharge spaces that lead outside.

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Emergency Lighting Replacement

Emergency lighting must be installed in a precise manner—which is why business owners throughout the Southeast trust Unifour Fire & Safety. The replacement process involves connecting the building’s electrical wiring so it can gauge when the power supply is out. A proper replacement will ensure that emergency lighting receives a timely signal to turn on and provide at least 90 minutes’ worth of backup power during a power outage. Two or three connections must be made to the existing electrical system.

When you choose our skilled team, you can rest easy knowing you have professionals by your side. We have designed and replaced countless emergency lighting systems in businesses throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.

If your building is lacking proper emergency lighting, or your current lighting system is outdated and needs to be replaced, our team can work with you to design the perfect emergency lighting system for your building. Contact us online or call us at 866-511-5540 today!

Benefits of Professionally Installed Security Lighting

The replacement of emergency lighting involves an intricate mounting process that is more difficult than it appears. This is not the type of job that the average person should attempt to complete without the assistance of an experienced professional. It is prudent to lean on the expertise of a professional lighting aficionado. Every member of our team understands the nuances of safety procedures and has consulted with a myriad of electricians while working on similar projects in the past.

A member of our team will also ensure that these important lights are adequately connected to the breaker and tripped before the actual replacement process begins. This way, there will be no potential for electrocution or shock. An emergency lighting expert will also ensure that the illumination levels are adequate. The quality, distribution, and even the direction of emergency lighting are all critically important to improve visibility in the event of a power outage.

For these benefits of emergency and exit lighting in your Southeastern business, trust Unifour Fire & Safety. Call us at 866-511-5540 or contact us online today!

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