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Commercial Fire Protection for Retail Stores

Commercial Fire Protection for Retail Stores in the Southeast

Fire Protection Services in North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia

There are many threats and challenges in operating a retail business. One of the most dangerous is an uncontrolled fire. Even when you can evacuate personnel and customers without injury, fires can cause significant damage to the structure and ruin your inventory. Every business owner should ask themselves if they are prepared for a fire emergency. If the answer is “no,” then it’s time to call the team at Unifour Fire & Safety.

Our fire protection services help alert building occupants when a fire is brewing up. Our services help protect personnel and customers from injury, minimize damage to the structure, and help safeguard inventory and retail equipment from burning up.

Our retail fire protection services include:

Fire Alarm Installation, Inspection, and Testing

Every retail facility will have a wide range of people present in the building at any given time. Customers, personnel, vendors, and others are all vulnerable when a fire starts to smolder. Fire alarm systems provide a universally known, instant signal that warns everyone in the building to evacuate as quickly as possible. Unifour Fire & Safety will install a fire alarm in your retail business to provide this warning. We will periodically return to test and inspect this system to ensure that all components are functioning properly and can protect your people in an emergency.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation, Inspection, Testing, and Repair

Fires are easy to report if there are people present when it starts to burn. However, many fires start after hours, long after everyone has gone home for the day. Fire sprinkler systems give you protection no matter when a fire starts to smolder. A functioning fire sprinkler provides 24/7/365 fire protection and is the best way to minimize property damage and protect people from injury.

Emergency and Exit Lighting for Retail Facilities

Fires often knock out the power supply and turn out the lights. Installing emergency and exit lighting within your retail facility helps keep your people from fumbling in the dark as they rush to safety. Emergency and exit lighting provide backup lighting sources that make it possible for building occupants to find their way to safety. Unifour Fire & Safety can install and inspect emergency lighting systems for retail facilities throughout the Southeast. Our installation teams are familiar with area fire codes and guarantee that our systems comply with all state, federal, and local regulations.

Contact Unifour Fire & Safety for Your Retail Protection Needs

For 30 years, Unifour Fire & Safety has provided reliable commercial fire protection for retail operations throughout the Southeast. We are experts at keeping your building and your people safe from danger. We understand the unique needs of retail operations, and it is our pleasure to help you minimize the risk of property damage and personal injuries caused by fire.

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Our Service Area

We proudly provide fire protection services in the following cities and their surrounding areas:

North Carolina (NC): Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Hickory, Raleigh, and Durham

South Carolina (SC): Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Spartanburg

Georgia (GA): Athens, Atlanta, and Savannah

Unifour Fire & Safety is also licensed in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

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