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If fire sprinklers protect your building, the system can’t function with a fire pump. As with other components of your fire protection system, it’s important to inspect and test your fire pump regularly. Without proper maintenance, the pump could fail to deliver adequate water pressure for the sprinklers to put out a rapidly growing fire. Instead of minimal damage and a quickly extinguished blaze, your building could suffer irreparable fire damage.

Don’t let this happen to you! Call Unifour Fire & Safety today to schedule fire pump inspection and testing services in the Southeast.

Why Do Fire Pumps Need Maintenance?

Fires are rare – hopefully one never ignites in your building! – but it’s vital to be prepared nonetheless. Regular fire pump inspections and testing help you spot and correct damage caused by corrosion, tampering, and neglect. By taking the time to perform the recommended maintenance, you ensure your sprinklers will work properly if you ever need them.

What Fire Pump Inspection and Testing Entails

It’s easy to recognize the importance of fire pump inspections and tests, but when should you perform this maintenance? For code compliance, plan to carry out different tests weekly, monthly, and semi-annually. Then, schedule professional fire pump inspections once a year. Unifour Fire & Safety can perform this annual maintenance for you.

Weekly Fire Pump Testing

A quick dry run tells whether your fire pump needs professional attention or not. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Open a test line. The fire pump should power on automatically.
  • Run the motor to check for signs of trouble. Electric motors need only run for five to 10 minutes, but combustion engines need a 30-minute test.
  • As the motor runs, check that water discharges from the circulation relief valve, but that the pressure relief valve remains tightly closed. Also, make sure the casings and bearings don’t overheat.
  • Confirm that the dry test hasn’t depleted the water supply and that the suction tanks are unobstructed.

Monthly Fire Pump Inspection

Once a month while performing your weekly test, check that the fire pump battery is properly charged.

Semi-Annual Fire Pump Inspection

Twice a year, while performing your weekly test, check and change the oil filter if needed.

Professional Annual Fire Pump Testing

Hire Unifour Fire & Safety once a year to conduct more in-depth fire pump testing. This keeps your building safe and code-compliant. During the inspection, we perform these steps:

  • Align pipe couplings: Thermal expansion, careless maintenance, and other issues can throw off the coupling alignment. Left unchecked for too long, this problem could cause premature fire pump failure. This is why realigning the couplings is the first step in a fire pump inspection.
  • Check the circulation relief valves: The purpose of these valves is to prevent overheating when the fire pump operates at shutoff conditions. A quick check ensures your weekly fire pump tests don’t damage the equipment.
  • Test the tamper and flow switches: The tamper switch alerts your fire alarm monitoring company (if you have one) that a water valve is closed. Whether accidental or intentional, such tampering could compromise the fire pump’s ability to supply water to the sprinkler system in the event of a fire. The flow switch initiates the flow of water when a sprinkler head activates. Naturally, it’s critical to inspect both switches during a fire pump inspection.
  • Measure the water pressure and flow rate: The final step is to make sure the fire pump performs properly when activated. This test typically involves attaching hoses to an exterior manifold, turning on the fire pump, and measuring the resulting water pressure and flow rate.

Fire Pump Inspection & Testing in the Southeast

Schedule annual fire pump inspections to confirm your fire pump is working and ready for action should an unforeseen disaster strike! Contact Unifour Fire & Safety today at 866-511-5540! We provide fire pump inspection and testing services throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

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