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Fire Alarm Services

Fire Alarm Design Services in the Southeast

Providing Fire Alarm Systems Design in North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia

If you’re constructing a new commercial building in the Southeastern U.S., you need to design a fire protection system to limit property loss and save lives. The fire alarm is an integral part of any fire protection system. It may not actively douse the blaze, but it serves the critical function of alerting building occupants of the emergency and the need to evacuate immediately.

To ensure your fire alarm is effective at detecting and announcing the presence of a fire, you need your system professionally designed by the fire protection experts at Unifour Fire & Safety. Our years of industry experience make us highly capable of creating a responsive, code-compliant fire alarm system, ensuring your building is safe and comfortable for everyone.

When you’re ready to schedule professional fire alarm design services in Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina, contact the experts at Unifour Fire & Safety by calling 866-511-5540.

Fire Alarm Design

At first glance, creating a fire alarm may seem simple. However, several components and functions must come together flawlessly to design a dependable system. Here’s what you should expect your fire alarm system to include:

  • Smoke detectors to sense the fire in the building and ductwork
  • Pull stations, so people who see a fire can trigger the alarm
  • Horns and bells to provide an audible cue to exit the building
  • Strobe lights as a visible signal to evacuate
  • Monitoring systems to automatically alert the fire department for immediate dispatch
  • Fire alarm control panel to monitor operational status, transmit information, and provide automatic control of system components
  • Booster panel to increase the electrical current to horns and strobes when the control panel is insufficient
  • Annunciator panel to give a centralized status of every component in the fire alarm system
  • Water flow for sprinkler heads in applicable system designs

Benefits of a Professionally Designed Fire Alarm System

Obviously, the biggest reason to pursue a professional fire alarm design is to save lives. Still, there are many other benefits of leaving this job to a professional like Unifour Fire & Safety, including:

  • Code compliance: Working with a professional ensures the final product is functional and code compliant, so you’re not stuck paying fines and penalties.
  • Effective design: The process of creating an efficient fire alarm entails site surveys, CAD drawings, calculations, and data assessment. Our team has years of training performing these tasks, which are too complex and time-consuming for you to attempt yourself.
  • Peace of mind: You hope to never need your fire alarm because you hope there’s never a fire. Still, knowing your system has been properly designed for maximum effectiveness gives you the peace of mind you need to go about your daily duties.

Fire Alarm Design in NC, SC & GA

For the past three decades, Unifour Fire & Safety has been the trusted name in fire safety throughout the Southeast. Our primary customers include businesses, organizations, and restaurants. Begin with our professional fire alarm design services. Then, choose us for all your other fire protection needs, including installations, inspections, replacements, maintenance, and much more. We always give 110% to every project we complete, and we’re ready to put our expertise to good use in your fire alarm design project!

For customized fire alarm design services in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, contact Unifour Fire & Safety at 866-511-5540!

Our Service Area

We proudly provide fire protection services in the following cities and their surrounding areas:

North Carolina (NC): Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Hickory, Raleigh, and Durham

South Carolina (SC): Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Spartanburg

Georgia (GA): Athens, Atlanta, and Savannah

Unifour Fire & Safety is also licensed in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

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