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Emergency Lighting Repair in the Southeast

Emergency Lighting Repair in the Southeast

Comprehensive Emergency Lighting Repair in North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia

When emergency lighting systems are operating reliably, they provide an important layer of safety for your employees and clients. Emergency lights illuminate exits and safe routes, minimizing chaos and the risk of an injury during an incident. Because of the large role these systems play, it is imperative that they are repaired in a timely manner should a problem arise.

For emergency lighting repair, you can count on Unifour Fire & Safety. Our experienced fire protection company provides comprehensive emergency lighting services, including lighting repair and routine emergency system inspections that will let you know when your systems are in need of service.

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When to Schedule Emergency Lighting Repair

The trouble with emergency lighting systems stems from the fact that they simply aren’t used very frequently. This can make it difficult to know when repair is needed! However, pursuing routine and ongoing emergency lighting inspections is the answer.

With a monthly program in place, a team of professionals will carefully check your lighting systems for signs of damage, bad wiring, worn-out batteries and bulbs, and more. This way you can rest easy, knowing your lighting system is operational if and when you need it.

There are other ways to know when emergency systems need servicing, including:

  • Watching for visible signs of damage – Cracking, shattered bulbs, and dark smudges that may indicate an electrical complication are all things to keep an eye out for.
  • Keeping an eye on emergency exit lighting – Because emergency exit lighting remains lit at all times, it presents a fairly effective way of keeping track of your emergency lighting installations, provided they were installed in a similar timeframe.
  • Checking emergency lighting bulbs often – Burnt-out emergency lighting bulbs are one of the most common causes of failed emergency lighting systems. Bulbs should be checked weekly at a minimum, in addition to professional inspections.

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Schedule Emergency Lighting Repair Services with Unifour Fire & Safety

Our fire protection teams carry over three decades of experience in providing fire protection services, system inspections, and emergency lighting services. When you need a one-stop shop that can cover all of your commercial business’s safety needs, our dedicated professionals are ready to provide services that boost safety and keep your business code-compliant.

Reach out to our team online to schedule emergency lighting repair, or call 866-511-5540 and set an appointment now! 

Our Service Area

We proudly provide fire protection services in the following cities and their surrounding areas:

North Carolina (NC): Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Hickory, Raleigh, and Durham

South Carolina (SC): Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Spartanburg

Georgia (GA): Athens, Atlanta, and Savannah

Unifour Fire & Safety is also licensed in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

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