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Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Fire Extinguisher Inspections for Commercial Buildings

Providing Fire Extinguisher Testing in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia

Fire extinguishers are an important asset to any office or retail building. With quick action, extinguishers not only help reduce fire damage, but they can also save lives. To keep your building and its occupants safe, it is important to have several fire extinguishers throughout your property. Not only is it a good idea to keep fire extinguishers on hand, it is your legal obligation to follow state fire codes and

Is it enough to fill your building with extinguishers and hope they work year after year? Certainly not. This piece of equipment requires annual inspections from a certified fire protection company to perform at its best. To schedule your yearly fire extinguisher inspection for your building in the southeast, contact Unifour Fire & Safety today.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

What is included in this annual maintenance service? Our licensed professionals will complete a thorough examination on each extinguisher and provide any repairs as needed. Our inspection process will address the following:

  • Mechanical parts
  • Extinguisher agent
  • Expelling means

New tamper seals will also be added to each unit after inspection.

Why Do I Need a Fire Extinguisher Inspection?

Inspections are used to make sure your extinguishers are prepared to handle a fire emergency. If you fail to schedule regular inspections or testing, you are increasing your chances for equipment malfunctions. Stay ahead of the problem and schedule an inspection! Our fire technicians will ensure your extinguisher is prepared to function properly when you need it most.

How Often Does My Fire Extinguisher Need to Be Inspected?

It is recommended for your building’s extinguishers to be inspected and certified annually by a fire protection equipment company. Although regular inspections are recommended annually, a complete breakdown and internal inspection must be done every six years.

Is your building due for an inspection? Call Unifour Fire & Safety at 866-511-5540 to schedule your inspection or get a free quote online.

Additional Fire Extinguisher Services

In addition to inspections, we also offer the following fire extinguisher services:

We conveniently offer our fire protection services across Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We also provide service to some parts of West Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections in the Southeast

Since 1984, Unifour Fire & Safety has been leading the fire prevention industry by bringing quality products and services to your neighbors in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.

Do you need additional fire safety equipment for your building? You can rely on our team of experts for all fire protection services that your business, facility, or restaurant needs. We take pride in being a full-service, one-stop shop for all of your fire protection needs. Our team is made up of fire safety experts who can successfully install, inspect, and repair every fire safety precaution there is.

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