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Fire Protection Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

Fire Protection Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

What would happen if an unexpected fire broke out in your building? Hopefully, the sprinkler system and fire alarm would activate, employees would arm themselves with fire extinguishers, and patrons would evacuate the building safely. This best-case scenario requires all the right fire protection systems to be in place. Is your building adequately equipped? If not, choose Unifour Fire & Safety as your one-stop-shop for all your fire protection needs. We can design and install a new system and provide ongoing maintenance and testing for code compliance and safety.

To work with a fire protection company that has served Charlotte, NC since 1984, contact Unifour Fire & Safety today!

Fire Sprinkler Systems in the Charlotte Area

If a fire starts in your building when no one is there, what will stop the flames from spreading? A fire sprinkler system is the answer. With heat-triggered sprinkler heads that engage one at a time, there’s no better way to protect your building from both fire and water damage. In fact, the NFPA states that commercial properties with working fire sprinkler systems suffer 60 percent less damage than unsprinklered buildings.

To enjoy the benefits of a fire sprinkler system, choose Unifour for these services:

The next time you need fire sprinkler services in the Charlotte area, call Unifour Fire & Safety at 866-511-5540.

Fire Extinguishers in NC

A small fire ignites when a customer inappropriately disposes of a lit cigarette in the lobby trashcan. A worker smells the smoke and takes quick action, grabbing a nearby fire extinguisher off the wall. The trained employee aims at the trashcan and puts out the fire before it does anything more than blacken the wall.

If this is the type of outcome you want in your business, let Unifour provide the following services:

Schedule fire extinguisher services in Charlotte with today.

Fire Alarms in Charlotte

The only thing worse than a building fire is a building fire without a functional warning system. Don’t put your employees’ and customers’ lives at undue risk—install a fire alarm in your Charlotte business today. For all the related services you need, call on Unifour. We offer:

Whether it’s time to install a fire alarm in your Charlotte-area building, or you need your existing system repaired or tested, schedule fire alarm services with Unifour Fire & Safety by calling 866-511-5540 today.

Emergency Lighting in North Carolina

When it comes to emergency preparedness, you can’t overlook the possibility of two disasters happening at once. Battery-operated backup lighting ensures a calm, orderly evacuation if a fire and a power outage occur at the same time. Safety codes also require routine emergency lighting inspections and tests. Whatever your needs are, Unifour Fire & Safety makes it easy to remain code compliant with these services:

Make emergency lighting services in Charlotte your top priority to ensure a safe evacuation the next time an urgent situation strikes.

Contact Unifour Fire & Safety for Fire Protection in Charlotte, NC

Now you know who to call the next time you need fire protection services for your business or organization in Charlotte. With over 30 years of experience, no one is better suited to meet your needs than Unifour Fire & Safety. We’ll help you reach the ultimate goal of decreasing the effect fires have on your building. Choose our services to help save lives, reduce property damage, and shorten downtime after a fire.

Choose Unifour Fire & Safety as your fire protection company in Charlotte. Contact us when you’re ready to discover how we can serve you.