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Fire Protection Services in Richmond, Virginia

Fire Protection Services in Richmond, Virginia

Do you have all the appropriate fire protection systems installed in your Richmond business? Have you kept up with maintenance and testing requirements? If you’re not sure whether your building is safe and code compliant, now is a great time to find out.

Since 1984, Unifour Fire & Safety has been helping Virginia business owners with fire protection services ranging from fire alarm installation to emergency lighting inspections to fire extinguisher replacement. We’re here to help make your Richmond business a place where employees and customers feel safe.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems in Richmond

It’s easy to assume that fires only start when people are around. However, it’s common for blazes to ignite in vacant buildings, whether from a stray spark, malfunctioning heater, or improperly stored combustibles. If a fire starts in your absence, are you confident your business has the protection it needs?

With an automatic sprinkler system, you can set your mind at ease. This equipment activates one sprinkler head at a time to douse the blaze while keeping water damage to a minimum. This is how sprinklers reduce property damage in a fire by 60%, as estimated by the National Fire Protection Association.

For unequivocal fire protection, hire us to perform the following services:

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Fire Extinguisher Services in Virginia

Sometimes, fires start right before your eyes. Improperly disposing of cigarette butts, knocking over a candle, or dangling your sleeve over an open flame is all it takes to ignite a small blaze. Fortunately, a fast-acting employee and a nearby fire extinguisher are enough to stop the fire in its tracks.

To ensure a positive outcome, make sure you install the proper types of extinguishers in accessible areas and maintain them as required. Unifour can help by offering the following fire extinguisher services:

If you think you could benefit from having fire extinguishers on your property, contact Unifour Fire & Safety at 866-511-5540 today.

Fire Alarm Services in Richmond

It’s possible for a fire to remain undetected until it becomes large enough to pose a serious safety concern. Make sure this doesn’t happen by installing a fire alarm in your Richmond business. Smoke detectors and heat sensors activate the alarm if any telltale signs of fire set them off, giving building occupants plenty of time to evacuate before their lives are in danger.

The engineers, designers, and installation technicians at Unifour can create a fire alarm system with the ideal coverage and notification devices to maximize safety and code compliance. Choose us for any or all of the following:

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Emergency Lighting in Virginia

Often, one of the most significant hazards during a fire isn’t the blaze itself. Instead, it’s the panic and chaos that ensues once people realize they’re in danger. When it comes to keeping people calm, nothing is more important than keeping the path to the exit visible.

That’s why you should install emergency lighting in your Virginia business. Battery-powered backup lighting and illuminated exit signs to point the way ensure that, even during a power outage, occupants can make it out of the building safely.

Choose Unifour for all the emergency lighting services you need, including:

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Schedule Fire Protection Services in Richmond, VA

With over 30 years of experience, Unifour Fire & Safety is the company to call when you need fire protection services for businesses, organizations, and restaurants throughout the Southeast. We are a one-stop shop — whichever fire protection service you’re looking for, our highly trained specialists will do our best to keep your property, valuables, employees, and guest safe from the dangers of potential fire.

Our team offers fire protection services throughout Virginia, including Richmond, contact us today to learn how our services can benefit you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Protection Services

What are the main types of sprinkler systems?

Wet pipe sprinklers are the most common products on the market, but dry pipe systems can operate in areas that are exposed to freezing temperatures or hold specialized equipment.

Sprinkler heads also come in several different designs. Quick-response sprinklers are usually used in heavily occupied spaces like schools and hotels. In contrast, standard response products are less sensitive, so they’re usually used in commercial buildings where stock damage needs to be avoided.

Why do I need fire sprinklers and fire alarms?

Fire sprinklers are triggered by high heat, not smoke, and open a valve to allow pressurized water to douse the fire at the source.

Fire alarms ensure that your building is monitored at all times, even when it’s unoccupied. They trigger an immediate response so you have the best odds of reducing damage.

Your fire sprinkler and alarm systems work together to minimize damage to people and property.

How do emergency lights work?

Maintained emergency lights can be turned on and off, while non-maintained products only work if your power is cut.

Sustained emergency lights rely on two power sources, so they’re the most reliable option on the market. If your ordinary light fitting has been adapted for fire, it will switch to battery operation in the event of a fire. Standard emergency lights remain on a backup battery.

What kind of fire protection do I need for a commercial kitchen?

Kitchens are particularly prone to fires, ranging from flammable solid fires to oil-based blazes. For that reason, they rely heavily on Class A and K extinguishers, but they may also require Class B suppression technologies.

Ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors are ideal for these environments

What kind of fire protection do retail stores need?

Retail establishments are prone to uncontrolled fires, which demand exceptional evacuation support. Stores host members of the public, so audible fire alarms are the first step to a successful evacuation.

Because fires can ruin valuable stock, we recommend dry sprinkler systems to minimize damage.