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Fire Protection Services in Savannah, Georgia

Fire Protection Services in Savannah, Georgia

Fires are a thing many of us have dealt with at one time or another, but they tend to happen when you least expect it. That makes planning and prevention absolutely vital to minimize health and structural risks. Your ideal solutions can be found through the fire safety specialists and specialty contractors at Unifour Fire & Safety. For over 30 years, our service experts have been designing, installing, and maintaining fire safety and preparation equipment for commercial clients in Georgia. We’re your single source for complete solutions!

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Fire Sprinkler Systems in Savannah

Mitigating and controlling a fire when it happens is one of the best and most vital means of minimizing risks to health and your business. Professionally installed sprinkler systems are an ideal method of achieving this, and they operate effectively whether you’re on the premises or away! You stand to minimize property loss by as much as 60 percent on average or more, and our team is here to help you get the sprinkler system that matches your needs best.

Trust Unifour for:

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Fire Extinguishers in Georgia

Extinguishers are often your first line of defense against fire, as well as a very powerful personal security and prevention tool. Our specialists offer a full suite of extinguisher services, from sales to recharges to inspections and evaluation, giving you access to services that will help you keep extinguishers on hand and ready to serve your protection and prevention needs.

As your one-stop shop for everything fire prevention and safety in Savannah, our teams can provide:

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Fire Alarm Services in Savannah

When a fire occurs, your number one most valuable resource is time: time to act, time to get out, and time to notify the proper emergency services all work together to help you stay safe and minimize loss. That’s why properly installed and operating fire alarms are the baseline for what we would call “fire ready.” If you lack proper alarm systems or need specialists with the knowledge and skill to service your existing equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts are armed with the knowledge and tools to ensure all of your alarm needs are met in the Savannah area!

Our alarm services include:

Emergency Lighting in Georgia

Whether you’re dealing with a fire or a simple power outage, keeping areas sufficiently lit and navigable can be a serious challenge. Emergency lighting addresses these needs, helping you maintain order and minimize mistakes that can be made in a panic. Our experts are exceptionally adept at identifying proper methods of lighting design and installation, and we are equipped to provide:

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Since 1984, we’ve made it our top priority to arm homes and businesses in throughout the Southeast with all of the tools and systems needed to help maintain safety in the face of fire. Whether you own or manage a restaurant, warehouse, retail store, or medical facility, we’re the single source for fire safety services and equipment you need.

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