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Fire Protection Services in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Fire Protection Services in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Can you say with confidence that your building, employees, and customers would be safe if a fire started in your Spartanburg business? When it comes to fire safety, ignoring regulations simply isn’t worth the risk. About 100,000 non-residential blazes break out in the United States each year, causing tragic deaths, injuries, and property damage. Even if a fire never starts in your building, code compliance is critical for avoiding penalties and fines.

For help getting your business safe and up to code, turn to Unifour Fire & Safety. We have served South Carolina since 1984, and our highly trained and certified professionals are prepared to help you meet your fire protection goals.

Schedule fire sprinkler installation, fire extinguisher inspections, or any other fire protection service you need by contacting Unifour Fire & Safety today.

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Spartanburg

When you arrive at your business each morning, you assume the building will be in the same condition it was when you left the night before. But what if a stray spark from malfunctioning electrical equipment starts a fire? Do you have a plan for combating a blaze if your property is vacant?

The solution to your predicament is to install fire sprinklers. The National Fire Protection Association states that buildings with an automatic sprinkler system suffer 60% less damage from fires than buildings without this safety feature. Unifour Fire & Safety can ensure your business is protected 24/7 with these fire sprinkler services:

To schedule fire sprinkler installation or service in Spartanburg, please contact Unifour Fire & Safety.

Fire Extinguishers in South Carolina

Safety is of paramount importance, but if you have the chance to douse the flames before they spread, you should do so! The key is to have fully functioning fire extinguishers on the premises. Then, you must train your employees to operate an extinguisher so they feel confident doing so if an emergency ever strikes.

Unifour Fire & Safety can help you select the correct number, size, and type of fire extinguishers for your building. Then, we can keep them code compliant and fully operational for your peace of mind. Here are the fire extinguisher services we offer our customers in Spartanburg:

Choose Unifour Fire & Safety for all the fire extinguisher services you need. Just give us a call at 866-511-5540!

Fire Alarms in Spartanburg

When it comes to evacuating a building safely during a fire, time is your most valuable resource. This makes fire detection and alarm systems a vital safety component in your building, even though they don’t actively douse the blaze.

Do you have a fire alarm installed? Is it up to code? If you’re not sure, call Unifour Fire & Safety to find out. We offer the following fire alarm services in Spartanburg:

Whether you need to install a fire alarm in your new building, or it’s time to have your existing system inspected, tested, or repaired, choose Unifour Fire & Safety for the job.

Emergency Lighting in South Carolina

Often, one of the biggest threats to safety during a fire is not the blaze itself—it’s the panic and chaos that ensues during the evacuation. Nothing is more frightening than trying to exit a building quickly while the power is out! To avoid being plunged into total darkness when a fire damages the electrical wiring, you must install emergency lighting in your South Carolina building.

Unifour Fire & Safety will ensure your emergency lights are up to code and ready to power on at a moment’s notice. We provide:

For emergency lighting services in Spartanburg, contact Unifour Fire & Safety today.

Call Unifour Fire & Safety for Fire Protection in Spartanburg, SC

With over 30 years of experience, Unifour Fire & Safety is the company to call when you need fire protection services for businesses, organizations, and restaurants throughout the Southeast. We are a one-stop shop—whichever fire protection service you’re looking for, our highly trained specialists will do our best to keep your property, valuables, employees, and guests safe from the dangers of potential fire.

Our team offers fire protection services throughout South Carolina, including Spartanburg, contact us today to learn how our services can benefit you!