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Fire Protection Services in Greenville, North Carolina

Fire Protection Services in Greenville, North Carolina

For a business in Greenville, there nothing is as important as ensuring your clients and employees are safe from a fire. That means having adequate protection in place is vital, and Unifour Fire & Safety is here to ensure your business is fully equipped. Our certified safety team can handle every one of your needs, from complete system design and installation, to routine maintenance services. With over 30 years of experience, we are your ideal choice for complete fire protection in North Carolina!

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Fire Sprinkler Services in Greenville, NC

Sprinkler systems are an ideal baseline for any fire protection plan. By offering 24-hour coverage, whether anyone is present or not, they can drastically mitigate risks both to patrons and the structure of your business itself. Our team can help you design a system that offers full coverage

The specialists at Unifour Fire & Safety offer a complete list of fire sprinkler services:

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Fire Extinguishers in North Carolina

In the event of a fire, your priority becomes one of two things: either stop the fire immediately while it is small, or, get out and away from the building safely. To meet both of these objectives, fire extinguishers are highly effective. By offering a means of controlling a blaze, or snuffing it out, you give your business the best chance of coming out of the situation safely.

We offer our Greenville clients all they need to keep extinguishers on premises, maintained, and charged.

If your Greenville property could benefit from fire extinguisher services, contact Unifour to learn more.

Fire Alarms in Greenville

Fires are not always the roaring blaze you might expect, often staying silent for precious minutes. In a situation or emergency involving fire you cannot afford to waste time, and so a quick notification and reaction system is very important. Alarms need to be expertly designed and installed, as well as maintained consistently, in order to keep occupants safe. Unifour can give you access to all of the fire alarm and smoke detection systems you need.

Our Greenville experts offer total fire alarm system solutions, including:

For complete fire alarm solutions in Greenville, give Unifour a call at 866-511-5540.

Emergency Lighting in North Carolina

Whether you’re dealing with a fire or any other emergency, a major priority should be placed on minimizing chaos and panic. This means keeping evacuation areas and exits well-lit is a must, and to meet that need, your lighting systems should be handled by professionals from top to bottom. Don’t leave employees and clients tripping and risking injury in the dark! Make emergency lighting a priority.

Is your Greenville business’s emergency lighting system up to snuff? If not, count on Unifour Fire & Safety for:

Our specialists are ready to ensure your business stays well-lit in an emergency. Contact us online to talk to an emergency lighting expert in Greenville now!

Call Unifour Fire & Safety for Fire Protection in Greenville, NC

The safety of your business and its occupants should never be left up to chance. Call on the fire safety and protection specialists that have been guarding Greenville and the rest of Pitt County for over three decades! Whether your needs are small, large, or anything in between, we have the equipment and training needed to ensure you’re completely covered in the event of a fire.

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