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Fire Hydrant Inspections in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Fire Hydrant Inspections in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Providing Licensed Fire Hydrant Inspections for Businesses in the Winston Salem Area

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your town or commercial property, it’s important to have proper fire hydrant testing and inspection. If a blazing fire were to erupt, you need to be able to rely on your fire hydrants to provide enough high pressured water to put out the blaze! Fire hydrants can be affected by a number of outside factors, including regular wear-and-tear, accidental damage, vandalism, or mechanical malfunction. To ensure your fire hydrants are prepared to protect your property, valuables, and occupants in the event of an emergency, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires that your fire hydrants undergo annual inspections.

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Our Fire Hydrant Inspection Process

According to NFPA 25, fire hydrants should be inspected both annually and immediately after use. At Unifour Fire & Safety, our fire hydrant inspection process will ensure your fire hydrants meet all state codes and regulations. Our process includes three steps:

  1. Our team begins by running your fire hydrant for at least a full minute. Doing so helps disperse all foreign material out of the fire hydrant and allows it to operate as smoothly as possible.
  2. After stopping the water flow, we observe the fire hydrant to ensure proper drainage.
  3. Once the water draining has been assessed, our team will lubricate all fire hydrant stems, threads, and caps to ensure they are fully functional and will be easily accessible to the fire department in the event of a fire.

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