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Fire Protection Services in Durham, North Carolina

Fire Protection Services in Durham, North Carolina

No one expects a fire to start on their property, but about 100,000 non-residential fires break out in the US every year. Are you ready in case an unexpected fire ignites in your building? If not, partner with Unifour Fire & Safety, a fire protection company in Durham with experience dating back to 1984. We’re confident we can help you meet local fire safety requirements, whether you need a new system designed and installed or ongoing maintenance and testing performed on your existing systems. No matter your goals, we’ll help your building stay safe and code compliant.

To arrange fire protection services in Durham and the surrounding areas, please contact Unifour Fire & Safety today!

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Durham

Want to guard your building against fire 24 hours a day? Nothing offers better protection than an automatic fire sprinkler system. Heat-triggered sprinkler heads engage one at a time to effectively douse flames while keeping water damage to a minimum. According to the NFPA, commercial buildings with working fire sprinklers experience 60 percent less damage than comparable properties without sprinklers.

With Unifour on your side, you can maximize the effectiveness of your fire sprinkler system. Here are the related services we offer:

Don’t skip fire sprinkler services in the Durham area—contact Unifour Fire & Safety to set your appointment today!

Fire Extinguishers in North Carolina

Picture a small electrical fire that starts when the old copy machine’s wiring finally gives out. An attentive employee armed with a fire extinguisher can make short work of such a blaze, putting it out entirely before it does anything more than scorch the carpet.

If this is the type of outcome you hope for, let Unifour help. We provide the following fire extinguisher services for businesses in Durham:

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Fire Alarms in Durham

When was the last time you tested your building’s fire alarm? Are you sure it’s code compliant? Do you even have a fire alarm? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you could be putting your employees and customers at unnecessary risk. To get you back on track, call Unifour for fire alarm services in Durham. Here’s what we offer:

For all the fire alarm services you need, contact Unifour by calling 866-511-5540 today.

Emergency Lighting in North Carolina

You never know when a fire might strike, and you have no control over the effect this fire might have on your building’s electrical system. This is why emergency lighting should be part of your fire protection plan. Battery-operated backup lights may not help extinguish a fire, but they do facilitate a calm, orderly evacuation, which is the key to saving lives and preventing injury. Whether you need to install new lights or inspect your existing system, Unifour is here for you. We make it easy to remain code compliant with these services:

Schedule emergency lighting services in Durham to ensure your exit signs and flood lights work when you need them most.

Call Unifour Fire & Safety for Fire Protection in Durham, NC

Whether your goal is to save lives, reduce property damage, or ensure code compliance, you want an experienced, knowledgeable company to handle your fire protection needs. Unifour Fire & Safety has you covered, with over 30 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of local and national fire codes. Let us be your one-stop-shop for quality fire protection services in Durham!

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