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Fire Protection Services in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Fire Protection Services in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Are you prepared for a fire emergency in your Chapel Hill, North Carolina building? If you’re not sure when the last inspection took place, or you’re missing critical fire protection systems, count on Unifour Fire & Safety to get you up to code. We have been helping businesses in the Southeast improve their fire safety systems since 1984.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems in Chapel Hill

A fire can ignite in your building at any time of day or night, whether from a stray spark, faulty heating equipment, or improperly stored combustible products. An automatic fire sprinkler system is just what you need to protect your building from the damage effects of fire and smoke. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association declares that sprinklers reduce the average property damage in a fire by 60 percent.

To achieve the best fire protection possible, choose Unifour for the following services:

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Chapel Hill Fire Extinguisher Services

When a fire breaks out right before your eyes, your best defense is a properly trained staff member armed with a fire extinguisher. Responding quickly to an improperly discarded cigarette butt, knocked-over candle, or loose sleeve that ignites on the stove is enough to stop a fire in its tracks.

For a positive outcome when a small blaze breaks out, you must outfit your building with the proper type and number of fire extinguishers. Then, you must maintain them properly to ensure they work when you need them most. Unifour Fire & Safety can help. Let us provide the following services for your North Carolina business:

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Fire Alarm Services

When it comes to preserving lives in a fire emergency, nothing is more important than a working fire alarm. Smoke detectors and heat sensors activate the alarm to make sure everyone in the building knows to evacuate immediately. If your system is monitored, it also alerts emergency responders instantly to ensure fire trucks arrive as fast as possible.

The engineers, designers, and technicians at Unifour can create and install a fire alarm that provides ideal coverage to maximize your building’s safety and code compliance. Choose us when you need any of the following:

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Backflow Preventer Installation & Inspection in Chapel Hill, NC

If your building features pressurized water systems—such as fire sprinklers, swimming pools, or lawn irrigation—you may need a backflow preventer to keep from contaminating the municipal water supply. Unifour offers backflow preventer services in Chapel Hill to keep your business code compliant.

Choose us for the following services:

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Emergency Lighting in NC

One of the most dangerous aspects of a building fire isn’t the blaze itself, but the panic and chaos of everyone trying to evacuate at the same time. That’s why it’s so important to keep people calm by maintaining a well-lit path to the exit at all times.

This calls for battery-operated emergency lights, which kick on when the power goes out to ensure building occupants are never plunged into darkness. Choose us for emergency lighting services in Chapel Hill, including:

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Professional Fire Protection in Chapel Hill, NC

When it comes to comprehensive fire protection services in the Southeast, no company compares to the experience and expertise of Unifour Fire & Safety. Trust us to keep your North Carolina company safe.

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