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Fire Protection Services in Boone, North Carolina

Fire Protection Services in Boone, North Carolina

Every commercial building manager requires fire protection services to ensure the safety of their property and building occupants. Whether you own a retail store, restaurant, warehouse, or hospital, fire safety risks exist in every setting and should be addressed by the proper fire protection professional.

At Unifour Fire & Safety, our team is uniquely capable of handling all your Boone building’s fire protection and safety needs. We have offered the fire safety design, installation, repair, inspection, and testing services that commercial businesses need for more than 35 years. 

End your search for a fire protection company in Boone today: Contact Unifour to schedule fire protection services for your commercial building! 

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Boone

When a fire event strikes, mitigating damage is the highest priority on the list. You need a sophisticated system in place that can provide the rapid response required to stifle flames regardless of whether or not you’re present. Unifour’s sprinkler systems services offer the end-to-end solutions you need to avoid damage and health risks. Our sprinkler system services include: 

Allow our team to deliver the fire sprinkler system solutions you need for your Boone commercial building by scheduling fire sprinkler design, installation, inspection, testing, or repair with Unifour! 

Boone Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers offer a great method for stopping a fire in its tracks before it spreads. They also provide you a way to reach safety during a catastrophic fire event. At Unifour, our team specializes in delivering superior fire extinguisher services, from sales and inspection to recharging and replacement. When your Boone building requires fire extinguisher services, allow our team to provide you with: 

Fire Alarm Systems in Boone

Having ample time to respond to a fire event is critical to survival. That’s why it’s crucial to have a fire alarm system in place that’s able to provide enough warning for your building occupants to make it to safety. Our team helps create the custom fire alarm system solutions your commercial building needs to keep property and occupants safe. We offer a broad range of fire alarm system services, including: 

Help minimize property loss and client/employee risk in your Boone-area building by outfitting it with the proper fire alarm system. Contact Unifour to schedule fire alarm design, installation, inspection, maintenance, or repair services today! 

Boone Emergency Lighting Systems

If you have a power outage or emergency at your commercial building, do you have the emergency lighting system in place to enhance visibility and simplify evacuation? Lit exit signs, emergency backup lighting, and motion lighting aren’t just helpful — in many jurisdictions, they are necessary for maintaining compliance with current safety codes. Our team can help ensure you’re prepared to handle whatever emergency comes your way by offering the following emergency lighting system services: 

Schedule Fire Protection Services in Boone

For more than 35 years, Unifour has offered the exceptional fire safety services that Boone building owners and managers need to remain safe, compliant, and prepared. We are completely focused on providing you with solutions that minimize safety risks and help you protect your business against common fire hazards. No matter what your fire safety service needs may be, our team has the products and services available to address them in no time. 

Contact us to learn more about our fire protection services in Boone today!