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Fire Protection Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Fire Protection Services in Atlanta, Georgia

No matter what kind of commercial business you’re running, be it a restaurant, retail store, warehouse, or hospital, the risks of a fire are always present. Your Atlanta business needs to be prepared at all times, and the experts at Unifour Fire & Safety can help you get there.

Our specialists have been offering fire safety design and installation, repair, inspections, and testing for over three decades! We’re the service specialists you can trust for all of your fire safety and prevention needs.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems in Atlanta, GA

In the event of a fire, mitigation and safety become your number one priorities. You need systems in place that respond effectively and immediately whether or not you’re present. Sprinkler systems are ideal for helping you avoid damage and health risks, offering a decisive solution the moment a fire strikes.

Unifour offers a wide range of sprinkler system services, including:

Fire Extinguishers in Georgia

Appropriate and properly maintained extinguishers provide you with a recourse both for stopping a fire before it spreads and giving you a way to reach safety in the event of a catastrophic blaze. Our team specializes in fire extinguisher services, offering sales, inspections, and recharges to ensure you stay adequately equipped in your commercial business.

For fire extinguisher services in Atlanta you can count on Unifour. We offer:

Need fire extinguishers for your Atlanta business, or looking for specialists who can offer routine inspection services? Contact Unifour today!

Fire Alarm Systems in Atlanta

Time is your most vital resource when a fire starts, and it’s often unfortunately in very short supply. This makes detection and alarm systems essential for helping you act quickly and getting you to safety. Our specialists can design and install alarm equipment that will give you the best chance of staying as safe as possible, helping to both minimize property loss and client/employee risk.

Our Georgia fire alarm specialists offer a complete list of services, including:

Emergency Lighting Systems in Georgia

During a power outage or emergency, visibility is crucial for keeping evacuation and response efforts free of chaos. Lit exit signs, emergency backup lighting, and motion lighting all play a big role in keeping your business risks minimal. Our teams can work with you to create effective emergency lighting decisions, designing emergency lights that ensure smooth navigation in times of distress.

We can make certain your emergency lighting is effective and within local and federal codes! Contact Unifour in Atlanta for:

Contact Unifour Fire & Safety today to schedule your emergency and exit lighting installation!

Schedule Fire Protection Services in Atlanta, GA

For over 30 years, our fire protection company has been helping businesses and occupants in the Southeast stay safe. We’re completely focused on providing you with solutions that minimize physical harm, mitigate property damage, and help you protect your business against common fire hazards. Whether you’re seeking fire safety system design or routine inspections to keep your existing equipment functional and effective, we’re the experts you can trust to handle the job right.

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