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Large or small, new or old, when you own a building in Anderson, South Carolina, it’s essential to ensure your building is protected against fire hazards. When you need your systems inspected, new systems installed, or old systems updated, you can count on the Unifour Fire & Safety team to provide the required service and security. Our fire protection solutions will ensure your building is code-compliant. 

Since 1984, we’ve proudly served the Anderson community. Contact us today to learn more about the advanced fire protection systems we offer. 

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Anderson

Fires can ignite at any time, day or night. Stray sparks, malfunctioning heating systems, improperly stored combustibles, electrical faults, and numerous other events can create a critical emergency. Automatic fire sprinkler systems help protect your business and mitigate the damage a fire can cause. Sprinklers are highly effective, and the National Fire Protection Association estimates that properly installed and maintained fire sprinklers reduce property damage by 60%.

For superior fire protection, choose Unifour for the following fire sprinkler services:

Anderson Fire Extinguisher Services

The best defense against a fire is a strong offense. When fires break out, a well-positioned fire extinguisher can put out the flames before they spread through the structure. Whether it’s an improperly discarded cigarette, a toppled candle, or spilled grease on the stove, fire extinguishers are an affordable, efficient, and highly effective tool every home and business should have.

At Unifour Fire & Safety, we will ensure your building is outfitted with the proper type and number of fire extinguishers. We will ensure they are installed and maintained in accordance with NFPA requirements.

We provide the following fire extinguisher services for businesses in South Carolina:

Contact Unifour Fire & Safety at 866-609-2848 for fire extinguisher services in Anderson, SC.

Fire Alarm Services

Preserving lives is the priority in any fire emergency. Properly installed and maintained fire alarms are the first line of defense that alerts you to the brewing danger. Fire alarms are equipped with smoke detectors and heat sensors that activate the alarm, which alerts everyone in the building that it’s time to evacuate the structure. If you have a monitored system, it will automatically alert emergency responders, which expedites the dispatch and subsequent arrival of firefighters to your location. 

At Unifour Fire & Safety, our engineers, designers, and technicians will create and install fire alarms that provide optimal coverage. You can depend on us for the following code-compliant services:

Backflow Preventer Installation & Inspection in Anderson, SC

Fire sprinklers are pressurized water systems that require effective backflow prevention. Backflow preventers help protect the municipal water supply from contamination, and the team at Unifour can ensure your system is properly installed, maintained, and tested.

Our team can help with the following backflow prevention services:

For backflow preventer services in the Anderson area, contact us today!

Emergency Lighting in SC

Fires can knock out electrical systems, and smoke can make finding a path to safety difficult. When the lights go out, and smoke billows through the building, you can rest assured that panic and chaos can cause more casualties than the fire itself. Emergency lights help calm the situation and expedite the evacuation of the building by illuminating the way to safety. Our battery-operated emergency lights function only when the power goes out, which ensures your hallways, stairwells, parking areas, lobbies, etc., are always well-lit. 

Select Unifour Fire & Safety for emergency lighting services in Anderson, including:

Professional Fire Protection in Anderson, SC

When you need comprehensive fire protection services in South Carolina, you can rely on the experience and expertise of Unifour Fire & Safety. Trust our team to keep your people and company safe.

Contact us today to schedule fire protection services in Anderson, SC.