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The Importance of Recharging Fire Extinguishers


To keep your commercial property up to code and prepared to handle an emergency fire, it’s important to recharge your extinguishers. How often does this need to be done? To prevent device malfunction, recharging needs to take place both annually and immediately after use (no matter how much agent was used). During your yearly fire extinguisher inspection, all units will be checked for damages and refilled with pressurized air and fire protection agent. So how important is it to recharge your extinguishers? Simply scheduling your recharge ensures the safety of building occupants by significantly reducing the risk of fire related injury or death.

Why Do I Need a Fire Extinguisher Recharge?

Recharges are used to make sure your extinguishers are prepared to handle a fire emergency at any given time. If you fail to schedule regular inspections to recharge your extinguishers, you increase your chances for equipment malfunction. Stay ahead of the problem by scheduling an inspection! Our fire technicians will ensure your extinguisher is prepared to function properly when you need it most.

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What Happens During a Fire Extinguisher Recharge?

During a recharge, our professionals will first assess the condition of each unit and its gauge pressure.

Units with slightly low pressure will be refilled with the fire protection agent, and units with lower pressure are emptied, cleaned, and then refilled.

When the recharge is complete, all gauges will read around 100 to 175 psi or will indicate readiness by pointing the needle in the green-colored zone.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge for Businesses in GA, NC & SC

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