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Fire Safety Basics in Apartment Complexes

fire protection apartment complexes

Apartment managers shoulder a multitude of responsibilities, from maintenance to tenant relations. However, among these vital duties, ensuring fire safety in apartment buildings should be a top priority.

Apartment Building Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 100,000 apartment fires occur each year across the U.S., killing over 400 people, causing more than 4,000 injuries, and costing $1.2 million in property damage annually. Some of the leading causes of apartment building fires include cooking equipment, heating equipment, electrical wiring, candles, arson, and playing with fire.

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Fire Protection Basics for Apartment Complex Owners & Managers

While there are plenty of steps apartment dwellers can take to protect themselves from fire, the most important thing you can do is provide them with a safe place to live. Here’s a look at your apartment fire safety responsibilities as a building owner or manager:

  1. Install fire sprinklers in every unit.

    When it comes to reducing property damage and saving lives, nothing is more effective than fire sprinklers. They stand guard 24/7, ready to douse a blaze quickly and efficiently, activating one by one to significantly reduce water damage compared to a fire hose. Injuries are far less common in fully sprinklered buildings, and deaths are almost unheard of.

  2. Install building-wide fire alarms

    With the help of a fire protection company, you can install a networked, monitored fire alarm in every building of your luxury apartment complex. Most components are out of sight, but pull stations, strobe lights, and horns installed on the walls serve as reminders to your tenants that they will be notified immediately if a fire starts anywhere in the building.

  3. Put fire extinguishers on every floor

    Multipurpose ABC models are the most appropriate fire extinguishers for apartment buildings. Install at least one on every level of each building, as well as in the basement and parking garage, if applicable. Keep the extinguishers visible and readily accessible in case there’s an emergency.

  4. Make sure every unit has a working smoke alarm & carbon monoxide detector

    Install at least one smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector (or a combination unit) in each apartment dwelling. These must be located right outside the sleeping area to have the greatest effect.

  5. Arrange for inspections and tests of all fire protection equipment

    Installing the necessary systems is the first step, but then you must remember to have your sprinklers and fire alarms tested, fire extinguishers inspected, and the batteries replaced in each smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. Keeping up with these maintenance tasks ensures the fire protection equipment will work properly if building residents ever need them. Inspections and tests are also required for code compliance.

Schedule Fire Protection Services for Your Apartment Complex

Whether you need help installing fire protection equipment or having a routine test or inspection performed, count on Unifour Fire & Safety for all the services you need. We always place the safety and satisfaction of our customers first, and with over 30 years of experience, you can trust that we know the ins and outs of the local and national fire codes that apply to your building.

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