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Fire Protection Services in Charleston, South Carolina

Fire Protection Services in Charleston, South Carolina

Did you know that about 100,000 non-residential fires damage US buildings each year? None of these business owners expected a fire to break out on their property, but emergencies strike every day. Make sure you’re prepared with fire protection services from Unifour Fire & Safety. Our experience serving the Charleston area dates back to 1984. With help from our trained and certified professionals, we’ll help you meet your fire protection goals and ensure a safe, code-compliant building going forward.

Looking for fire sprinkler installation, fire extinguisher inspection, or other fire protection services in Charleston, SC? Schedule a visit from the experienced Unifour Fire & Safety team by contacting us today.

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Charleston, SC

When you lock up your building at the end of the day, you trust it will be in the same condition when you arrive the next morning. Do you have a contingency plan in case of fire? After all, an arsonist or spark from malfunctioning electrical equipment can start a fire even if the building is vacant.

What you need is a reliable fire sprinkler system to stand guard 24/7. Unifour offers all the fire sprinkler services you need to minimize property damage and save lives, including:

If you need code-compliant fire sprinkler services in Charleston, trust Unifour Fire & Safety to deliver.

Fire Extinguishers in South Carolina

One of the best ways to fight a small fire is to arm your employees with extinguishers. Using the training they have received, your confident workers can douse the blaze before it has a chance to destroy property and threaten lives. Of course, this assumes you have the correct number, size, and type of fire extinguishers in your building.

Unifour delivers the following fire extinguisher services to ensure maximum life safety and code compliance:

Choose Unifour as your fire protection partner, and we’ll deliver all the Charleston fire extinguisher services you need.

Fire Alarms in Charleston

The fire alarm might not actively douse a blaze, but it’s still a vital safety component of your fire protection system. When it functions as intended, the fire alarm alerts occupants throughout the building of the emergency so they know to evacuate without delay.

Is your fire alarm up to code? Even if you have a system installed, you need to have routine inspections and maintenance performed to ensure it’s operating correctly. Unifour offers the following fire alarm services in Charleston:

If your Charleston property could benefit from fire alarm services, please call Unifour at 866-511-5540 today.

Emergency Lighting in South Carolina

The purpose of emergency backup lighting is to illuminate the hallways and stairwells if a power outage occurs. This is especially important if a fire breaks out simultaneously, calling for an evacuation of the building. Emergency lighting encourages a calm, orderly exit to ensure everyone makes it out safely.

Unifour will ensure your emergency lights are ready in case you need them by providing the following services:

Need emergency lighting services in Charleston, SC or the surrounding areas? Contact Unifour Fire & Safety today!

Call Unifour Fire & Safety for Fire Protection in Charleston, SC

For over 30 years, Unifour Fire & Safety has been helping business owners in Charleston make their buildings as safe from fire as possible. We also focus on ensuring code compliance to help you avoid costly fines and penalties. No matter what services you need, trust us as your one-stop-shop for fire protection services in South Carolina!

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