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Fire Protection Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Fire Protection Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Do you have adequate fire protection in place for your Atlanta, Georgia building? Whether you own a restaurant, movie theater, school, or industrial complex, Unifour Fire & Safety can help make your building as safe as possible from fire. We have over 30 years of experience designing, installing, inspecting, and testing fire protection systems for all sorts of commercial properties.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems in Atlanta, GA

You might think a fire could never become uncontrollable because you would extinguish it before it grew too large. But have you considered what could happen if a fire starts when no one is around?

That’s where automatic fire sprinklers come in. They stand guard over your building 24/7, extinguishing fires quickly to reduce the chance of injury and property damage. The National Fire Protection Association states that buildings with working fire sprinklers experience 60 percent less property damage than non-sprinklered buildings.

At Unifour Fire & Safety, we perform the following sprinkler system services in Atlanta:

Fire Extinguishers in Georgia

One of the best ways to reduce property damage and loss of life is to put firefighting power in your employees’ hands. This means installing portable fire extinguishers throughout your business. By selecting the right types and performing necessary maintenance over the years, you can count on your extinguishers to help make your building a safer place.

Choose Unifour Fire & Safety for these fire extinguisher services in Georgia:

If your Atlanta property could benefit from fire extinguisher, contact Unifour Fire & Safety to learn more.

Fire Alarm Systems in Atlanta

To ensure everyone gets out of the building during an emergency, you need a fire alarm system to go off when it detects smoke or heat. Many components work together to create a functional fire alarm. With system monitoring, you also ensure that emergency responders dispatch to your location immediately.

Unifour Fire & Safety provides a variety of fire alarm services in Atlanta, including:

Whether you need to install an alarm system in your Atlanta building, or your current fire alarm needs to be inspected or repaired, give Unifour Fire & Safety a call at 866-511-5540.

Emergency Lighting in Georgia

Illuminated exit signs and emergency lights with backup batteries are essential components of a safe workplace. The purpose is to ensure hallways and stairwells remain well lit, even during a power outage, to help maintain an orderly evacuation. Without enough lighting, building occupants might panic, which could lead to injuries or the inability to find the exit quickly.

Let Unifour Fire & Safety get the emergency lights in your Atlanta building up to code with these services:

Contact Unifour Fire & Safety today to schedule your emergency and exit lighting installation!

Schedule Fire Protection Services in Atlanta, GA

Since 1984, we have been dedicated to helping business owners in Atlanta keep their people, buildings, and merchandise safe from fire. As a one-stop-shop for all your fire protection needs, you can trust us to design and install a system for your building and keep every component operational and code-compliant for years to come. We promise you’ll enjoy your experience working with our qualified, highly trained fire protection specialists.

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