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Fire Protection Services in Greenville, South Carolina

Fire Protection Services in Greenville, South Carolina

As a business owner in Greenville, your top priorities are to satisfy your customers and maintain a healthy bottom line. As a result, you might not dwell on your fire protection needs very often. However, for life safety and code compliance, it’s vital to make this a routine part of your business operations.

Whether you need help installing a fire alarm and sprinkler system, ordering fire extinguishers, or inspecting your emergency backup lights, Unifour Fire & Safety is the right company for you. Our experience serving South Carolina dates back over 30 years, so you can rely on our team of highly qualified professionals to make your building safe against a fire.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems in Greenville

At first, you might think that fires can only ignite in a building when people are present. However, everything from sparking electrical wires or malfunctioning heating equipment to improperly stored combustibles could start a fire on your property. If this ever happens, are you confident your building is adequately protected?

The key is to install a fire sprinkler system to stand guard 24/7. Sprinkler heads activate one at a time to douse flames effectively while minimizing water damage. In this way, the National Fire Protection Association states that automatic sprinklers can reduce property damage from fires by 60%, even if no one is present when the blaze breaks out.

For optimal protection, choose Unifour Fire & Safety for the following services:

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Fire Extinguishers in South Carolina

Sometimes, fires ignite right under your nose. Whether it’s an overheated extension cord, an improperly discarded cigarette butt, or a candle that falls over, your employees have the power to put out a small fire before it spreads—assuming there’s a fully charged fire extinguisher nearby.

Make sure your building complies with fire extinguisher regulations by hiring Unifour Fire & Safety to perform these services:

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Fire Alarms in Greenville

The only thing more frightening than a fire is a fire with no warning system to get everyone out of the building in time. Make safety your top priority by installing a code-compliant fire alarm in your Greenville business. Then, keep up with inspections, tests, and repairs to ensure the system is prepared to sound the alarm at a moment’s notice.

With services from Unifour Fire & Safety, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your employees and customers are as safe from fire as possible. We offer our South Carolina customers the following fire alarm services:

Our fire protection experts can make sure all aspects of your alarm system are working properly. Contact us online or by phone at 866-511-5540 to discuss your fire alarm needs.

Emergency Lighting in SC

Perhaps you have established an evacuation route for your building, but does it include a contingency plan in case the power goes out? Not only is it possible for a blackout to occur during a fire, but the flames themselves could also wreak havoc on the electrical system and plunge your building into darkness.

An emergency lighting system ensures this doesn’t happen. Battery-operated backup lights and exit signs guide the way to help facilitate a calm, orderly evacuation. To increase the chances that your employees stay safe during a fire, schedule the following emergency lighting services with Unifour Fire & Safety:

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With over 30 years of experience, Unifour Fire & Safety is the company to call when you need fire protection services for businesses, organizations, and restaurants throughout the Southeast. We are a one-stop shop—whichever fire protection service you’re looking for, our highly trained specialists will do our best to keep your property, valuables, employees, and guests safe from the dangers of potential fire.

Our team offers fire protection services throughout South Carolina, including Greenville, contact us today to learn how our services can benefit you!