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Fire Protection Services in Athens, Georgia

Fire Protection Services in Athens, Georgia

Fire is a critical threat to any type of business, from hospitals and manufacturing facilities to office buildings, restaurants, and retail establishments. To make sure your building is protected, it is important to have the best fire protection equipment for the job, as well as a service provider that can handle all the maintenance and repair required to keep the equipment ready for emergencies.

Since 1984, our team at Unifour Fire & Safety has been providing businesses in the Athens area with installation, maintenance, repair, and inspection services for fire protection equipment like sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms. Our experienced personnel have the training and equipment to keep your fire protection systems in good working order, providing the level of safety you require to keep your customers and staff protected.

For fire protection services in Athens or the greater Southeast region, contact Unifour Fire & Safety today at 866-511-5540.

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Athens

A working sprinkler system is your first line of defense against fire damage. Operating automatically, they protect your building 24/7, whether you are there or not, and they can often limit injuries, damage, and the spread of fire until first responders arrive. Commercial buildings with operating sprinkler systems suffer significantly less damage during a fire than those without, and that can reduce your repair and recovery costs significantly.

At Unifour, we offer commercial buildings a complete selection of fire sprinkler services, including:

Make sure your building is protected—contact our team today for fire sprinkler installation and service in the Athens area!

Fire Extinguishers in Georgia

Fire extinguishers are a vital component of any fire protection strategy. Located near vulnerable ares like kitchens, garages, and electrical panels, they can easily be accessed in an emergency to stop a fire at its source, before it spreads.

Our fire extinguisher services include:

Contact Unifour today to ensure your fire extinguishers are charged, working, and ready for an emergency!

Fire Alarms in Athens

Fire alarms are critical to the safety of your customers and staff, and if they are not periodically inspected and maintained, they could fail to operate during an emergency, increasing the chance of injuries or deaths.

At Unifour, we can help you make sure that the occupants of your building are protected with our fire alarm services. We offer:

To schedule an appointment for fire alarm service in the Athens area, contact our team at 866-511-5540!

Emergency Lighting in Georgia

Many commercial buildings like hospitals, retail stores, and factories lack windows, especially in interior hallways and stairwells. When power is lost due to an outage, a fire, or an emergency, it can become dark in an instant, leading to panic, injuries, and other problems as the building’s occupants try to evacuate. Emergency lighting in these key areas helps to prevent such problems, significantly increasing safety.

If your building lacks natural lighting, our team at Unifour can help you protect your customers and staff with our emergency lighting services, including:

Contact us today to make sure your Athens building has proper lighting during an emergency!

Schedule Fire Protection Services in Athens, GA

As a leading provider of fire protection products and services in the Athens area, Unifour Fire & Safety, can help you protect your business and limit damage and injuries during an emergency.

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